Julia's Top 10 Movies

Introducing a new member to the Fresnerd family!  Julia brings you her Top 10 movies!

In no particular order...

Iron Man:

The best movie to start the Avengers’ franchise with Tony Stark’s developing from a 2 dimensional character to the amazingly witty (Billionaire) superhero.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:

Speaking of avengers, do you ever wonder what a Victorian era version would look like? Well look no further. From the invisible man, Dorian Grey, Jackal/Hyde and many more fictional characters, this movie has a good story and lots of plot twists.


Surprisingly got a sequel recently (XXX: The Return of Zander Cage) the original caught my attention because it wasn’t your typical spy movie. I like it because it’s easy to watch even if you catch it on TV half way through.

About time

While I do like the occasional rom-com, I always go back to About Time. It has a guy, who discovers all the males in his family have the ability to time travel, and he uses his ability to get the girl he fell in love with, but he finds time traveling has consequences. It’s quirky and has a great cast.

Second Hand Lions

This was the movie that made me realize how much I enjoyed listening to, and telling, stories.  As the main character hears the tale of his uncles past it is hard not to get wrapped up in it yourself and start imagining the wind story.

Galaxy Quest

Every nerds dream of having their favorite fictional TV show come to life.  I like how this movie makes fun of itself and yet can still be heartwarming.


In reading about interstellar before it came out I was intrigued to learn that the director wanted to keep the movie as grounded in realistic science as possible, even going to physicists to estimate what a black hole would be like. On top of amazing visuals I liked that the characters seemed very normal even though they were flying though space. (And TARS’s Humor setting was just the best)


I know some people will say that this movie’s plot is just be a copycat of Ferngully, but it’s hard to say that I enjoy just watching this movie purely for the visuals. Whenever I watch this movie I end up deeply caring about the characters and their struggles. (It’s also interesting to me that Sigourney Weaver’s character smokes on a planet that has limited breathable air)


Unlike Twilight, this movie made me become obsessed with vampires and werewolves in my teens. While the many sequels can be a little “much” in the vampire/werewolf universe, the first movie in this series has always been my favorite due to the awesome action scenes and good story.

The Martian

The quote “I’m going to have to science the shit out of this.” Pretty much sums up why I love this movie. The movies’ realistic science and great casting make it a good watch.


Honorable Mentions

Big Fish: Ewan Mcgregor did a great job in this crazy/weird story.

The Road Warrior: I prefer this to the original of this series, and to thunder dome. I’m still not sure how I feel about the latest movie with Tom Hardy.

Howls Moving Castle: I’m a big fan of Miyazaki films, I had to include one somewhere.