Logan First Thoughts

I just got back from seeing "Logan".  I'll need to think a bit more as time goes on, but here are my initial thoughts.  

The battle scene are amazing.  There are lots of hints of this in the previews, but seeing the full fight scenes gives you the full experience.  

Dafne Keen did an amazing job at X-23.  Again, this was hinted in the previews but she did a terrific job in the role.  Even when she has a minimal amount of dialog she manager to convey emotion.  There are tons of experienced, older actors who can't do that.

**Now let's get into some spoilers!**


The "opening scene" teaser for Deadpool.  I love that they sandwiched it in after the "turn off your phone and don't steal our movie" preview andb efore the movie actually started.  Totally had me fooled.

The adaptation from the "Old Man Logan" comic was clever.  Obviously Fox doesn't have the rights to a lot of the characters, but the adaptation was well done.  The way they handled Xavier blew my mind.  "A degenerative brain disease in the most dangerous brain in the world" followed by the hinted moment when he remembers that he killed so many people as he lost control of his mind (and hinting that he killed the X-Men too).

I loved seeing Logan in his "berserker" mode.  That part of the character hasn't really been shown in the movies, and he needed an injection to do it, but once he took the medication and we got to hear him scream in the woods I had goosebumps.  When he and X-23 team up they were practically unstoppable.

One of the best ending moments in a movie.  When X-23 goes back to Wolverine's grave to turn the cross on its side and make an "X".  This was truly the proper send off for Hugh Jackman.

I was surprised at how much I felt the emotion as the movie went on.  I don't know that I had a huge connection to Jackman's Wolverine character, but I think it just speaks to how well the movie was made.  Big applause to James Mangold.

Right now I'm stuck between this and Deadpool as the best movies in the X-Men franchise.  I hate comparing them though.  Deadpool is sort of a dark comedy action movie, while this really is a drama/action flick.

What did you think?  Did Logan live up to your expectations?