Who are we?

We're geeks based in Fresno who love comic books, movies, TV shows, and pop culture!  We are always talking about the latest thing we've read or watched and wanted to share that awesome experience with other geeks in Fresno, as well as all around the internet.  We hope you enjoy reading our passionate posts and hope to hear from you as well!  The Fresnerd was born in 2017.  

Below are short bios of The Fresnerd's regular authors.

Jaime, a.k.a. Luke (and FYI Carlos is Kylo Ren)


I grew up on a weird mix of Sci Fi and Horror.  I collected X-Men and Gen 13 comic books, and of course MAD Magazine.  On any given night, you'll find me watching Marvel movies, all sorts of horror or any other assortment show and movie.  I'm a big fan of sitting down with a good book or graphic novel.  Once I'm into something, I'll get sucked in and read until it's done.  I'm also a big fan of card games, and I'm always looking forward to finding time to try out new board games.


Watching the 1990s' X-Men Animated Series and the movie Jaws for the first time as a kid planted the seed of fascination with comic books, superheroes, movies, and all things geeky.  Heaven for me is reading an engaging graphic novel with a relaxing tea or beer; or being moved in awe by a captivating movie at the cinema.  Comic books and movies have that power over me, they transport me to other worlds of wonder.  Connecting with others that share those kinds of experiences and interests always puts a nerdy smile on my face. 


I have forever been a fan of nerdy and geeky things, but feel like I am always finding something new to learn or binge watch. A strong love of storytelling has kept me interested in many aspects of nerdy things from Sci-Fi and Fantasy  movies like Star Wars to D&D. I am an avid board gamer, with my favorites being ones with heavy strategy and fun game design. Finally, I like post-apocalyptic zombie themes, they regularly influence what I want to watch and buy.